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Comfortable Slim Fit Joggers on Sale

Comfortable Slim Fit Joggers on Sale


If you are just starting to run, then surely you are smiling people who go for a run in bright stockings and tight joggers. However, do not look down on these items of clothing down - experts claim that compression garments can improve athletic performance and reduce the number of injuries. This part of the runner wardrobe has already been appreciated by many runners. They are light, elastic and warm. Especially suitable for running in the winter and the offseason. Why do joggers become so popular, and what is their advantage?

They perfectly fit the legs, it seems that they are like “second skin”.

Very pleasant to the skin from a tactile point of view.

They support and tone up the muscles, that is, they work like “compression” .

There are different variations of joggers, except that there are male, female models and unisex. You can also choose their length.

Short joggers just above the knees. Suitable for running, cycling, fitness, etc. The ventilation zone in such models is the lumbar region.

Medium length joggers is often combined with compression golf. To ensure ventilation, inserts are made in the lumbar region and under the knees.

Long slim fit joggers - "leg" to the ankle. Ventilation zones are located on the lower back and under the knees.

Please note - ventilation zones are not provided in all models of slim fit joggers!

How to choose a pair of slim fit joggers?

They are tailored to specific patterns, their distinguishing feature - high aerodynamic characteristics. In essence, tights should be “second skin”, but only if you do not lose the size.

Be sure to try on the Tights. Make a few movements in them - kick a leg, sit down, etc.

In good models, there is a zipper-fastener, which facilitates putting on and taking off clothes. Also, do not be superfluous pocket and elastic band, providing a perfect fit.

Slim fit joggers made exclusively from synthetic materials. Therefore, make sure that the fabric is of good quality, and in certain places, there are inserts for ventilation. slim fit joggers for winter running are different, so ask the seller for what time of year the model is designed.

Choose models of those firms that use three-dimensional modeling in production. Such clothes for running will not only be very comfortable but will increase the accuracy of movements, help you to work hard to the maximum. slim fit joggers do not distract from running, they are almost imperceptible, although, it is possible that they have flaws in each case.

One of the types of sports compression knitwear - joggers. This is a multifunctional type of equipment for runners with any level of training. It is possible to use compression joggers or joggers during training and competitions. Such clothes will make every movement comfortable. But not only convenience is the advantage of joggers with compression.

With intense training, runners' vessels are subjected to significant stress. Compression joggers are used to reduce discomfort, relieve stress and reduce health risks. These products increase the functionality of running, which will definitely benefit the athletes. Their job is to compress the legs, hips, buttocks, exert pressure on certain areas. When running in special tights, the discomfort disappears, and the activity of the circulatory system stabilizes.

If in the past compression equipment was used mainly by people with diseases of the cardiovascular system, with a predisposition to varicose veins, the formation of edema, today such models are actively used by athletes and in the absence of health problems. They are contraindicated only in some cases. These include arrhythmia of the heart, blood clots, blockage of veins.

It is possible to single out the main arguments “for” wearing slim fitting joggers, joggers: 

- Normalization of blood circulation in the legs. 

- Relief of pain in the muscles of the legs. 

- Removing the feeling of heaviness, reducing swelling. 

- Prevention of thrombosis, the development of trophic phenomena. 

- Acceleration recovery athlete after training. 

- Prevention of injuries, reduction of loads on the joints and ligaments.

It has been scientifically proven that “compression” really reduces the severity of pain in the limbs after serious stress. Research by scientists at Exeter University showed that wearing compression gear for a day after training had a positive effect on the well-being of athletes. The subjects experienced less discomfort, the tests also demonstrated improved endurance.

As a rule, for sewing compression joggers use polyamide, elastane with the addition of lycra. Such materials remove moisture well and retain heat. Due to the compression effect, these products help to reduce muscular load, reduce the production of lactic acid, and improve the runner’s athletic performance. The advantages of the use of running equipment of this type include the functionality and aesthetics of the models. Tights fit the body tightly, do not stretch even after prolonged wear, operation in difficult conditions. High-quality compression joggers will transfer multiple washes without loss of attractiveness, size change.

To wear slim fitting joggers really benefit, runners should take into account the rules of operation of products. Special equipment can not be used continuously, excessive squeezing can lead to health problems. Vessels will no longer maintain a natural tone, so wearing joggers or joggers with a compression effect is necessary only during jogging. You can meet and special models for the recovery period.

When buying sports equipment with a compression effect, experts recommend a mandatory fitting. Clothing should not be tight or loose, it should be exactly the size. You can choose male or female compression models for any season. And for those who like to run in the evening or at night, sports brands offer new items with a reflective pattern. The mandatory criterion for the choice of products is the type of load - it is better to buy just running joggers or joggers.

There are several other studies, the results of which do not confirm the improvement in sports performance regarding compression underwear. However, the deterioration does not occur, so skeptics are advised to wear it if it is an uplifting jogger.

Those who run regularly and wear compression note their usefulness for themselves. Some runners admit: you need to get used to such clothes.

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